I broke below 200 lbs.

DayCounter-167Today’s a milestone.   My weigh in came up at 197.5 lbs — below the 200 lb mark and a total of 38.5 lbs lost so far.   It feels really good.

I adjusted my sleep rythms, so that I’m up much earlier in the morning that I ever thought was possible.   It’s really works out well tho.

The weathers been pretty good, and I’ve changed up my workouts so that I’m running and biking outdoors a lot more lately.  I’ve been on a regular rotation of 18+ mile bike rides, 4+ mile runs, and 3 mile training intervals.


Playing with 200


Don’t worry, I’m not dead.  I’m almost about to break 200 lbs.  I had my cheat day last friday, and other than today I haven’t worked out for 4 days.  I tried to make up for it today with 6 miles and a workout.   You can see my latest from Endomondo here.

I’ve also updated the weigh in.

It’s been a while

DayCounter-139It’s been a little over a week since I’ve updated.   I’ve been out and about alot.  I went canyoneering in the San Rafael Swell last week from Thursday through Sunday.   It was a blast.   Got a lot of exercise hours in, and my dog was exhausted.  Checkout the photos on Facebook.

I haven’t got any food logs, but I’ve got some exercise logs from my Endomodo, and my new heart rate monitor.   I’ve been kind of geeking out on it, so it’s been motivating me to get out and exercise.  I love the heart rate, speed and elevation graphs, and the number of metrics that they provide is pretty sweet.   I’m still curious, and perhaps skeptical, about how they calculate water loss tho.

March 18, 2013 – Run on the River Trail

March 20, 2013 – Gym workout: Spin, abs and climbing.

March 21, 2013 – Run around town

I’ve also updated my weigh ins.

Day 130: Not-so Daily Log

DayCounter-130Okay.   So my updates aren’t daily, but I figure the logs are boring anyway.   They’re really only a record for my personal use.   I have been feeling really good lately, and people have been noticing.  I’m definitely out of the plateau to be sure.   I’ve updated the weigh-in with a few days worth of numbers, but I’m down to approx. 207 lbs.

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Day 124: Daily Log (Sort of)

Day124So I haven’t posted in a minute.   Mostly because I was in a plateau and I was dealing with some frustration.   It appears that I have broken the plateau (I hope anyway) and I was able to get my body fat % done today (Read about my BMI success).

I met with one of the physical trainers at the gym today, and he did my fat %, which is currently at 21.8%.   He says that I should be at 10% if I want to see my six pack, but that if I only lose 10 more pounds, I will be considered fit.  So that’s motivating, but I’m still shooting for the 185 weigh in.

He also calculated my heart rates:

  • Fat Burning: 111 – 135 bpm
  • Interval: 146 – 165 bpm

I’m currently 209.75 lbs (Read the weigh in for an update).


Went to the gym.
Ran intervals for 30 minutes: Low = 4.0 mph @ 2.0 inclination; High = 6.2 mph @ 4.0 inclination
Arms and Shoulders: Bench press, back press, shoulder press, lat pull downs.


Breakfast: Coconut water, 1/2 cup blueberries, banana
Lunch: 1 cup Thai curry with vegetables
Snack: Apple and Banana
Dinner: 1 cup Thai curry with vegtables, 1 cup brown rice w/ green lentils

Cheat Day #2 is in effect


This picture kills me.  It’s Duane “The Rock” Johnson’s photo log from his cheat day.   That’s an amazing amount of horribly delicious food.   Unfortunately I can’t eat like that, because I’m not as cut as him … yet!

In accordance with Rule #10, I’m on my cheat day (aka the reward for the hard work), and it’s going pretty damned good…. I started they day of with 2 breakfasts…

Day 119: Daily Log

Found out today that the nurse who visits my work on Wednesdays to do health counseling, will do a body fat % check for us.   So I will be able to have a second way to monitor my progress on a weekly basis. I was out later than usual last night, there’s film festival going downtown. I was very tired all day today, and generally grumpy, fortunately I didn’t have to interact with too many people today.

Tomorrows my day off — My second month on the diet is complete, and I’m still liking it.   It’s a first.


Went to the gym, very light workout today because I was tired.
Ran 2 miles
Some ab work
Pull ups


Increased my water intake throughout the day because I noted that I wasn’t drinking very much.  Filled my water bottle (22oz) 4 times today.
Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins, blue berries and flax seeds.  Two B complex vitamins.
Lunch: Salad from Steamworks, lettuce, kalamata olives, peppers, onions, cotijo cheese (very little), olive oil.
Dinner: Oatmeal with raisins, flax seeds, cinnamon and nutmeg
Grazing: Cashews